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Navigate the future of business with AI

We build AI-driven business applications that redefine the way you work.

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Making AI accessible to everyone

At Brainbox, we are on mission to make advanced Artificial Intelligence accessible and deployable for companies of all sizes, seeking real business impact.

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From complex data to clear insights

Our expertise lies in transforming complex business data into actionable insights and simplified workflows through modern applications and intelligent machine learning algorithms.


Custom AI applications tailored to your needs

As every business is unique we build custom AI applications tailored to your needs and challenges. With our experience in software development, focus on human UI/UX, and thoughtful deployment of AI, we ensure that each solution is not only technically advanced but also has a real impact on your business operations.

A human in the loop approach

Use real power to gain business insights

Become part of the Brainbox loop to harness the full potential of your data. We integrate advanced technologies like natural language processing, predictive analytics and generative AI to empower your business operations.


We love to build on strong communities of ambitious innovators

Our team unites a spectrum of different backgrounds and qualities, enabling us to approach challenges from different perspectives. Together we integrate software, machine learning, engineering, design and marketing skills.

Daan Lenaerts

Building on his 8 years of experience in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Daan co-founded Brainbox to make advanced AI accessible to all businesses, not just those with big teams and budgets.

Daan Lenaerts

Kobe Indemans

Drawing from his studies in Artificial Intelligence, Business Engineering and practical experience in software development, Kobe brings a unique blend of technical and business acumen to the table.

Kobe Indemans

Tuur Lenaerts

Building on studies in Architectural Engineering and a passion for both hands-on collaboration and the bigger picture, Tuur joined as a versatile creative to bridge people and technology.

Tuur Lenaerts


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We’re located in the vibrant technology hub of Corda Campus in Hasselt and the peaceful Limburg town Peer.


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